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Historic photo of Shillington Town HallIn tracing the history of the Borough of Shillington, it was found that patents for portions of its area were granted by the Penns in 1733, 1735 and 1736.

A part of the Borough was known as the Three-Mile House as early as 1762. In 1860, the community adopted the name of Shillington in honor of Samuel Shilling who made the first survey and laid out the town.

The Borough, presently containing an area of one square mile, was incorporated August 18, 1908, at which time it had a population of 450 people. Today, the Borough has a population of 5059 people according to the 2000 United States Census.

The first meeting of the Shillington Borough Council was held in the office of the Shillington Hosiery Mill on September 3, 1908. Regular meetings were held in the hall of the Shillington Fire Company, which at that time met in Leininger’s Hall. During the years 1912 to 1924, meetings were held in the Speedway office. At a meeting held May 7, 1931, the Borough Council decided that a new and modern building to house the community interests should be erected. Members of Council at this time were:

Charles G. Mosser, President
Daniel F. Ludwig
Frank G. Ketner
Earl Miller
Barton Werner
William Parson
Paul Lied