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In accordance with the Borough’s regulations, property owners experiencing a sewer back-up must first call a licensed plumber to determine the location of the blockage.  If the plumber determines that the block is in the Borough’s side of the lateral (from the trap out to the sewer main in the street), the plumber should contact the Town Hall so that a Borough crew may be dispatched to clear the blockage.  If you experience a sewer problem when the Town Hall is closed, please have your plumber call the Berks County Radio System at 610-655-4911 and give the information on your problem.  A Shillington Police Officer or a representative from the Borough will be in touch with you.

Sewer vents and clean-outs provide access for repair, maintenance and inspection of a building’s sewer pipes that convey sewage from the building to the Borough’s sewer collection system.  The sewer vents and clean-outs are the responsibility of the property owner.  The area around the sewer vents and clean-outs must be kept clear of vegetation, landscaping, and other permanent structures.

In order to prevent the inflow of storm water into the sanitary sewer system, the Borough has installed sewer lateral vent inserts in all sewer laterals within the Borough.  Please remember that only the Borough or its representative is permitted to remove an insert.