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Police Department

Graphic of Shillington Police badgeThe Shillington Police Department is a full-time department, operating seven days a week, twenty-fours a day, every day of the year. Our office is located at 999 East Broad Street in the Borough’s Police/Municipal Building at the entrance to the Shillington Memorial Park.

Our Department currently has seven full-time officers plus a full-time secretary, who is in the office from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our office may be reached by calling (610) 777-3947. If no one is in the office, your call will go to our voice mail system where you may leave a general message or one for a specific officer.

The officer on duty can always be contacted through the Berks County Communication, as follows:

NON-EMERGENCY CALLS: (610) 655-4911

For a slide show presentation on the Shillington Police Department click here

ASK A COP – If you have a law enforcement question you would like answered, please email the police department at

The Police Department needs your help. We do not have an officer for every block or street. Therefore, we need you to watch out for your neighbors and to call the police about suspicious persons or vehicles and to report strange or destructive activities. Since we cannot be everywhere, we need your assistance to know where we have a problem in order to resolve it and better serve the community.

All of the officers of the Shillington Police Department look forward to hearing from and meeting our neighbors.

Mayor Andrew Hivner
Chief Brett Hivner
Sergeant David Witkowski
Officer Matthew Arndt
Officer Michael Schoone
Officer Duane Witman
Officer Jarrett Dominicis
Officer Mackenzie Adame
Officer Andrew Dittmann

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The following are forms that need to be filled out and returned to the police department for approval to have a residential block party and close a Borough street: