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Budget Information

Municipalities are limited in sources of revenue and the amounts that may be collected to those granted to them by law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Therefore, most of the primary sources of revenue are repetitive in nature recurring year after year. They are monitored and adjusted, within the limits of law, to meet the expenses deemed necessary by Borough Council.

Occasionally, municipalities may realize significant one time influxes of funds such as grants or donations. There are no one time sources of funds in the 2009 Borough of Shillington Budget.

The 2009 Budget requests no tax increase, a two percent (2%) rate increase in Water rates and a three and a half percent (3.5%) rate increase in Sewer rates.

The primary sources of revenue are listed below:

Water Fund: $2,539,000 – Revenue From Consumers

Sewer Fund: $1,148,000 – Revenue From Consumers

Fire Fund: $192,000 – Allocation From General Fund


  • $203,000 – Pool and Concession User Fees
  • $141,000 – Allocation From General Fund
  • $ 36,000 – Real Estate Taxes

General Fund (Police, Street Maintenance, Buildings and Vehicles):

  • $531,000 – Real Estate Taxes
  • $ 50,000 – Real Estate Transfer Tax
  • $500,000 – Earned Income Tax
  • $140,000 – Business Privilege Tax
  • $ 75,000 – Television Cable Fees
  • $300,000 – Rental of Property (Water and Sewer Companies)
  • $114,000 – Pension State Aid
  • $490,000 – Refuse Collection/Disposal Fees


Highway Aid Fund: $ 99,000 – Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
(Street Restoration) Grant

Street Improvement Fund: $287,000 – Real Estate Taxes

Chart of General Fund Revenue

Chart of General Fund Expenses