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General Rules

Within the limits of the Shillington Memorial Park, no person shall:

  • Permit any dog or other animal, except wildlife, to run at large. A leash shall control all such animals. Animals are not permitted in seeded areas
  • Permit any dog, or other animal to defecate unless the owner, custodian, or keeper thereof shall immediately thereafter clean up and remove the defecation and dispose of the same in a sanitary manner.
  • Hunt, shoot at, chase, catch, or intentionally injure or kill, with or without the use of a weapon or dog, any bird or animal.
  • Engage in unlawful gaming activity.
  • Throw any stones, or any other object or missle.
  • Carry, have, or discharge firearms, bow and arrow, air or spring guns or slingshot including paintball and blowguns.
  • Transport, possess, drink, or be under the influence of any alcoholic beverage, including malt or brewed beverages, spirits, liquor or wine, or any controlled substance without permission.
  • Break, cut, deface, disturb, injure, or take flower, fruit, plant, tree shrub, bench, building, fence, monument or other structure, apparatus or property.
  • Gather or remove any wood, turf, grass, soil, rock, sand or gravel.
    Disturb any bird or animal in any place.
  • Skateboard or rollerblade upon park property.
  • Injure, deface or destroy any posted or permanently fixed sign or notice.
  • Discard lighted matches, cigars or cigarettes except in proper receptacles on the property.
  • Throw or deposit cans, bottles, broken glass, paper, yard waste, dog defecation or rubbish of any description except in containers provided for this use.
  • Make or kindle any fire except for picnic stoves or fireplaces provided for this use.
  • Post or erect any bills, notices or advertising matter of any kind, provided that such shall not apply to notices played by employees of the Borough
  • Sell or offer for sale any merchandise, article or thing whatsoever, except in Borough authorized concession areas.
  • All vehicles shall navigate the park on the paved roads and park only in designated parking areas.
  • Operate an unlicensed motor vehicle.
  • Wash, polish or repair any motor vehicle, except for emergency repairs.
  • Have musical, theatrical, or other entertainment in the park without a permit from the Recreation Director.
  • Congregate in any area which will hamper the free movement of pedestrian or motor vehicle traffic
  • Swimming is permitted in the fenced-in pool area only.
  • Ice skating is not permitted on the pond.
  • No hitting of golf balls is permitted in the park.
  • Turn off all lights, extinguish all fires and place all of your trash in the containers provided at the pavilion before leaving the pavilion and park.
  • Borough issued rental permit shall be displayed in the frame provided at the pavilion.
  • Occupy or use any pavilion for which they do not have a signed contract.
  • Any group that signs a contract for a pavilion and then occupies another pavilion will be asked to move to the correct pavilion. When asked to relocate by the appropriate authority and refuse, they will be asked to leave the Shillington Park.